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April 2021     Vol. 2
The Red Bench Monthly Newsletter
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As full time material engineering students at the University of Alberta (Zoom University, really) final exams came and went in a hurry. Over the last three weeks of April, we were hunkered down at home studying for our final exams with our sights set on a fresh start in May. This is why our April newsletter is a bit late - but here it is, hot off the press!

Jo completed her 4th year and is off to an 8-month co-op position to research advanced materials with InnoTech/Alberta Innovates. Mack completed her 2nd (and a half?) year and is off to a 4-month co-op position to research brazing consumables with Lincoln Electric and the Canadian Centre for Welding and Joining.  Along with our work establishing The Red Bench and growing an incredible community, it's shaping up to be an excellent summer in Edmonton. 

Poster of Rosie the Riveter sitting holding a sandwich with a drill on her lap.
The infamous Rosie the Riveter, pictured in promotional posters during World War II, is remembered as a cultural icon with the phrase, "We Can Do It!" It's been speculated that the real Rosie the Riveter was a woman named Naomi Parker Fraley who worked in a machine shop at a naval air base in California. 

In the original photo, Naomi is bent over an industrial machine, "wearing a jumpsuit and sensible heels, with her hair tied back in a polka-dot bandana for safety." Posters featuring Naomi as Rosie the Riveter led to a 10% increase in women in the workforce from 1940 to 1945. You can check out the article about her legacy here


We were lucky to be invited as guests on Max Ceron’s CWB Association podcast! The three of us talked about The Red Bench playing a key role in changing the culture in welding and the trades by giving women a space to build their skills and confidence to eventually take up leadership positions in industry. That means affecting real change. Oh, we also talked about ourselves and our paths to where we are now! It was fun and casual and an absolute must listen. 

Many thanks to Max for being such a great host and being open (as well as willing) to address such big topics with us while making it a lively, thought-provoking conversation. We will share the episode with you once it’s published - stay tuned!


Keep your schedules open for June 1st and 2nd as we are going to be presenting The Red Bench at the CWB Association Educators Conference this year! The conference theme is "Innovations and Advancements in Welding Engineering" and is targeted at anyone interested in welding technology and educational trends. Please support us and our fellow industry professionals by registering for this free, online conference!

Register Here


We love the CWB. Along with the podcast and Educators Conference, we were invited to feature in their magazine, WELD, for the Summer 2021 edition. WELD magazine features organizations and individuals who contribute greatly to the Canadian welding industry. We can’t wait to share our article with you in June! 

Previous WELD Magazine Publications


The donation of a shop space or bay would reduce our start up and operating costs by a lot (we mean a lot, a lot!). If you know of a local business or individual who would be able to donate a suitable space for evening and weekend use, please let us know!

Know of any programs, grants, or scholarships? We want to know about 'em. Donation pledges from industry partners are also anticipated and welcomed.


Check out next issue for the answers (or you can email us for the answers sooner)

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We seek to create a low-barrier, membership-based space for women to explore a skilled trade on their own terms by providing access to a fully-equipped workshop. The Red Bench will provide tools, hardware, and consumables for use as part of a membership agreement. The first iteration of the shop will offer members access to basic hand, power, and metalworking tools with a focus on welding

The Red Bench aims to become a community hub that shapes a more diverse culture in trades and technology. We have a practical goal and a community goal. The practical goal is to inspire women to develop confidence in their technical ability, work with tools, make or build things, and pursue a hobby or career in a skilled trade. The community goal is to bring women from all walks of life to one place where they can be themselves, make new friends, mentor or be mentored, and share ideas.

Thank you very much for reading! Tune in next month for more from us at The Red Bench.


Mackenzi and Jolene

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