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June 2021     Vol. 3
The Red Bench Monthly Newsletter
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What an amazing couple months May and June have been! We have been busy expanding our network, participating in super special events, and creating some serious locomotive steam in our shop space hunt. The heat wave hit us hard, as Alberta natives who are used to 25°C weather at the most. Nevertheless, Mack was out there practicing vessel fitting and pipe welding while Jo was slinging engineering reports and getting her hands dirty in lab tech work. Talk about commitment! 

This issue of our newsletter is a great read. There's tons of updates, links, and materials offered just below! Thank you for sticking with us.


Our WELD magazine article is here and ready to read! If you're a CWB member, you can access the entire magazine here. If not, we have our article available on the website, just click the button below!

Thank you to the CWB team for inviting us to feature in their national WELD magazine. It was an amazing experience to watch our article come to life. The WELD magazine features organizations and individuals who contribute greatly to the Canadian welding industry, and it's a must read!

WELD Magazine Article


Our podcast with Max Ceron is available now, folks! The three of us talked about The Red Bench playing a key role in changing the culture in welding and the trades by giving women a space to build the skills and confidence needed to eventually take up leadership positions in industry. The podcast is available on YouTube to anyone who is interested in listening! 

One of our favorite quotes from the podcast:

"Just being around someone who looks like you brings such a sense of comfort .. with that comfort brings confidence, and with that confidence you can learn anything. That's what The Red Bench is."

CWBA Podcast on Youtube


Our presentation at the CWB Associations 9th annual Educators Conference on June 2nd was a success! This opportunity allowed us to cast our net into industry far further than it's ever gone before. We had so many women connect with us after the conference! It was amazing to see. Our conference is available both on the CWB website (if you're a member) and on YouTube. This presentation is especially informational. Make sure you check it out!

CWBA Educators Conference on YouTube


The donation of a shop space or bay would reduce our start up and operating costs by a lot (we mean a lot, a lot!). If you know of a local business or individual who would be able to donate a suitable space for evening and weekend use, please let us know!

Know of any programs, grants, or scholarships? We want to know about 'em. Donation pledges from industry partners are also anticipated and welcomed.


Check out next issue for the answers (or you can email us for the answers sooner).

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Last issue word scramble answers:

inventive   mentor   shielding


We seek to create a low-barrier, membership-based space for women to explore a skilled trade on their own terms by providing access to a fully-equipped workshop. The Red Bench will provide tools, hardware, and consumables for use as part of a membership agreement. The first iteration of the shop will offer members access to basic hand, power, and metalworking tools with a focus on welding

The Red Bench aims to become a community hub that shapes a more diverse culture in trades and technology. We have a practical goal and a community goal. The practical goal is to inspire women to develop confidence in their technical ability, work with tools, make or build things, and pursue a hobby or career in a skilled trade. The community goal is to bring women from all walks of life to one place where they can be themselves, make new friends, mentor or be mentored, and share ideas.

Thank you very much for reading! Tune in next month for more from us at The Red Bench.


Mackenzi and Jolene

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